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Mud & Race Adventures

Posted: January 6, 2014 in 5K's and Mud Runs

I stumbled (internet style) across this GREAT website. It complies together most, if not all mud runs, 5Ks, marathons, and others, from all over the world in one spot. I have been looking for something like this for a couple of years now. Mostly just one for Illinois, but this is way better. I could, if I wanted, search for say a 5K in New York to do, PLUS plan a vacation around that same time.

I have seen on there a Foam Fest in Chicago area.. Ottawa… that I really, REALLY, want to do. It looks fun and a good way to start off my mud run and races “career”. I’m thinking that starting with something fun and a bit “easier” than say Warrior Dash is the way to go. I’m still out of shape (despite myself) and best to go at it slow.

Yes, these races are expensive… but so is any hobby… indoor or outdoors.  It will be worth it and motivational.    This the website for you all to check out!

Repurposing Belts

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Arts, Crafts, and DIYs

I was sitting here playing random Facebook games and feeling so bored I was falling asleep, when I hit on the idea to work a bit on organizing my craft items I have.  I’ve got miscellaneous bits that need to be sorted into containers for easy finding instead of jumbled into a bin.  I decided to start with breaking down these chain, metal belts I used wear back in my skinny days. I never tossed them because I figured I might get back into them.

Yah, right… LOL. I will be loosing weight, but I’ll NEVER be that skinny again. I don’t want to! 98 lbs soaking weight is unhealthy.

Any hoo… I choose to break the belts down because the individual pieces can be repurposed into jewelry! Larger pieces can be focal points of necklaces, small pieces for earrings and bracelets. I won’t be making any jewelry anytime soon because I don’t have all the materials or even a full idea of what to do, BUT they will be ready to go!

Here are some photos I took of the belts I’m breaking down… (I apologize for the slightly blurry photos. My camera is crapping out and I don’t have a photo retouching program).

Collection of belts I plan to repurpose into jewelry

Collection of belts I plan to repurpose into jewelry


Another angle (No, I’m not a beer drinker. It’s left over from when my hubby and his brother were watching football this weekend. I didn’t see it until now).


This one I may NOT break down. It still fits me and is my favorite. It’s brass and needs a good cleaning. If I do repurpose it, it will make several pairs of earrings!


Started breaking this one down. Rather large medallions. If I had a sewing machine and new how to make my own shells for my Miche, I would use them as decorative parts on the shell.


First one I started to break down (gold-brassy), but the metal loops are hard to open. May need hubby to do this one for me. Yes, those are the tools I’m using. What I have on hand.


Close up view of the belts. Those butterflies will make neat choker like necklaces.


Another close up with my needle nose pliers (straight and bent) and my box for the small bits. I’m saving everything. NEVER KNOW what might come handy!