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Posted: January 6, 2014 in 5K's and Mud Runs

I stumbled (internet style) across this GREAT website. It complies together most, if not all mud runs, 5Ks, marathons, and others, from all over the world in one spot. I have been looking for something like this for a couple of years now. Mostly just one for Illinois, but this is way better. I could, if I wanted, search for say a 5K in New York to do, PLUS plan a vacation around that same time.

I have seen on there a Foam Fest in Chicago area.. Ottawa… that I really, REALLY, want to do. It looks fun and a good way to start off my mud run and races “career”. I’m thinking that starting with something fun and a bit “easier” than say Warrior Dash is the way to go. I’m still out of shape (despite myself) and best to go at it slow.

Yes, these races are expensive… but so is any hobby… indoor or outdoors.  It will be worth it and motivational.    This the website for you all to check out!

…at least for me.  My husband, Scott, is still going strong.  Monday will be Day 15 and the second fit test session.

What happened to me, you ask?  Sigh…I tried doing the second day’s video and just failed, horribly.  I am not ashamed to say I cried in frustration at not being able to do it.  Scott reminded me that I am not physically active person, I don’t workout daily like he does and has been for over three years (he does no less than 4 times a week, usually 6 times).  Even he has a hard time keeping up with the videos!  I just, ugh, wanted to be able to do it, to take on the challenge and conquer it…just not going to happen right now.  I have to go about the physical aspect of my healthy lifestyle differently.

We are both doing the recipes that came in the booklet with the Insanity DVDs. Scott is following them almost to a perfect T, but I’m fudging them a bit here and there.  An example is the Turkey BLT.  It says to have the turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato on two slices of whole wheat bread, which he does exactly that.  I do it on a whole wheat hamburger bun with a smear of light mayo on each half, less than half a tablespoon total, WAY less…and today I added a very thin slice of provolone cheese.  Another aspect is that he is to eat 5 meals a deal, spaced out about 2-3 hours.  This is actually what many personal trainers tell you to do these days.  It helps keep your metabolism going all day long…it’s a matter of WHAT you eat and the portions.  Since I’m not doing the Insanity workout, I’m sticking to 3 meals, with lighter snacks in between.  Two of his five meals are really more snacks, but larger portions.

I have decided to just practice on my running and training to do some 5k’s and mud runs this year.  I have yet to sign up for them, waiting for that IRS refund still and getting a job.  Either way, I want to do ONE 5k this year and at least jog 80% of it, even if it’s a slow jog.  My hubby got me a new pair of shoes to run in, as my other pair really aren’t fit for the job any more, besides they were more walking shoes, then running shoes.

I will get my tush in gear with a daily workout, I will have it in effect by the end of May!  Onward to self-made destinies!