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Scott and I have discussed several times over the past couple of years about making an outdoor cage area for our cats.  We don’t mind them being outside, but do not want them loose to roam freely.  We did try this for a while, but a few issues arose.  They wouldn’t come back when called or come home at night.  I kept having little panic attacks worrying about them (I helped Charlie and Marble be birthed, my firsts ever!).  There are raccoons, possums, wild dogs, and feral cats in our area.  I think the worst issue was that people kept wanting to take them home.  I had one old lady who attends the church across the street pick up Marble when I was trying to chase her down (Marble escaped).  The lady then looked at me and said that if I didn’t want my cat, she would take her. NO!  My three fur babies do go out on the porch roof, which allows them some outside time, but they really needed some more.  So, we decided to get one built this summer.

About 3-4 weeks ago my husband (Scott) built the cage!  We call it a cat coop, because that’s really what it is.  It has been great, especially for when Scott does his Insanity workouts.  The kitties do like it and gives us a sense of peace knowing they are secure.  It is mobile so we can move it to any place in the yard and makes mowing around it easier.  It is very lightweight, but awkward to move alone.  My dad built a box with a little shelf ledge on top of it for the cats to have an interactive unit to use.  We are plan to put in some dangle toys on small plant pot hooks or on thin metal rods bent over.

Probably the best angle of the cat coop. No box unit to play on (I don't have photos of that yet).

Probably the best angle of the cat coop. No box unit to play on (I don’t have photos of that yet).

We made the cat coop frame out of left over furring strips when we dry walled the bedroom.  We wrapped all for sides and the top with chicken wire, using a staple gun.  The whole thing is anchored in the ground with garden tarp stakes.  It is 5 feet long by 3 feet wide by 5 feet high.  We made it tall so we could get in there fairly comfortably if we need to. Star Baby and Marble both climbed the wire looking for a way out.  There is a door on the front, that side on the right there, furthest from the chair.

Close up of the 3 of them in there. First thing they all did, even before inspecting, was to eat grass. CATS!

Close up of the 3 of them in there. First thing they all did, even before inspecting, was to eat grass. CATS!

We got extra furring strips and chicken wire at Menard’s.  I searched through 20 different strips to find just 5 that were fairly straight.  We do plan to rebuild it next summer or the one after with sturdier wood like 2×4’s and maybe 4×4 posts for the corners.  We want to be able to build in some platforms and hammocks for them, and possibly larger.  I think for chicken wire and extra strips I spent about $40 or $50…BUT we ended up with a whole roll of chicken wire left over, plus about 1/4 of the another (I purchased 2 rolls). I had also purchased more screws, 4 hinges (2 packs), and a latch.

It has been a good investment.  We lock them up in it (weather permitting) when we bring home a tons of groceries, moving stuff in and out of the house, have a lot of guests, etc.  It really was not that hard to build.  We just needed a simple hand saw, staple gun, an electric drill (to per drill holes and screw in the screws), and a hammer.


Today, lovely Saturday, has been a day of entertainment for this crazy cat lady…and it isn’t even over!  All three of my fur babies got me with different emotion today.  It all started with a silly anecdote from my hubby, Scott.

This morning Scott went to the basement to do a full cleaning of our three litter boxes. We always keep one empty for situations like this or for emergencies (quarantine a cat for health reasons, etc).  He decided to fill up the empty box with fresh litter since Marble was circling him like a shark.  She promptly went into the litter and took a pee. No biggie, right? Well, she just went freak-o psycho scurrying around in the box in circles, doing flips, and hops (his words) like a demon just up and possessed right then! Suddenly she STOPS, digs a little hole, takes a prissy princess poop into it, nonchalantly covers it up, and daintily walks away!  After my husband told me this story I was rolling on the couch laughing.

Marble inside a plastic drawer organizer...she gets into everything.

Marble inside a plastic drawer organizer…she gets into everything.

Later in the day we decide Charlie needed to have fur shaved on top part of his haunches, at the base of the tail. He’s a bit over weight and has some trouble cleaning himself there.  As a result we have to bath him on a regular basis and try to brush him. He has thick hair, so brushing can be hard.  At times his fur will clump and mat up on use, typically we just snip them off, but they got real bad over the last few weeks because we hadn’t been on top of it.  So we trimmed him down and shaved him!  Poor baby boy…didn’t like that all.  Broke my heart!  After we shaved him, we gave him a bath, making sure to scrub his rump real good.  He has so much dandruff!  I’ve got to do some research and see what home remedies I can do to help with that and maybe a better way to get down into his skin when bathing.  He’s not quite a long hair, but really THICK fur. I never had a cat like that before.

Charlie on his scratch pad. "I'm so cute!!"

Charlie on his scratch pad. “I’m so cute!!”

Star Baby surprised us today.  She is a very stand-offish cat and has NO love for me.  We have no clue why and yes, she’s fixed (as they all are).  We have had for two years now, fixed for one year.  It took me about 8 months from time of being fixed to get her to cuddle in my lap, but even longer for her to warm up to Scott.  Although during these past two years she has shown an undying devotion to feet!  Boy, does she LOVE feet, especially my hubby’s…he’s got that big toe with thick nail that she just enjoys rubbing her ear on and cramming into her ear.  Making love to our feet (as we call it) is her cat nip.  Well, today, she jumped up on the couch between us, settled down, rolled over a bit, and fell right to sleep!  We were in shock, she NEVER does that!  She even let Scott pet her without getting all miffed and angrily strutting off.  YAH! for Star, she’s making progress!

"OMG! My foot, my foot! I love you, foot!"

“OMG! My foot, my foot! I love you, foot!”



First off, I apologize to my readers for not having posted a blog for a couple of days.  I have been spending some quality time with my husband, Scott and reviewing my coupons for a VERY small budget trip this coming weekend (if I’m not still snowed in).

The hubby and I have been playing “Sacred 2: Fallen Angel” on the Playstation 3 (PS3).  We love having two player console games, but have very few right now. If my readers have any suggestions, let me know. We have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, too…with even fewer games.  Some of our quality time has been enforced by bad road conditions due to the snow storm we had yesterday and still snowing today.  The hubby’s Durango has bald tires, so for safety reasons we are not driving any place far.  My Impala has expired plate stickers, so I refuse to risk getting a $120 ticket for it…damn thing costs $99…over $100 with late fee (which looks like I will paying).  The part of our enforced quality time is due to lack of jobs for both of us.  Blah. We are working on finding new jobs, while waiting to hear from unemployment for my hubby and more LINK benefits from the state.  See…REAL tight budget for a family of 3 with 3 cats.

Cabin fever has set in…majorly…and this idiot snow fall has made it worse.  We go through most of winter with barely any snow, then…BAM…decides to laugh at us for a few days. Even so it has been entertaining to some degree. Scott has picked up his acoustic guitar again and practicing.  He uses the computer to look up tabs and has “Rockstar” guitar game for PS3…he can plug his actual guitar into the console and play.  It shows him techniques and other guitar things. Plus, it has a bunch of songs he can learn on it.  Only real issue with it is that his acoustic is really too fat to play comfortably with this game.

Our cats…Charlie, Marble, and Star Baby…have been providing us with endless love (too much at times) and good laughs.  Earlier Marble was drinking water out the bowl we have sitting on bottom shelf of an old television stand we use as a cat feeding center.  There happened to be a marker sitting on the shelf above her.  Charlie jumped off the cat tower sitting right next to the feeding center and knocked the marker off on Marble’s head.  She instantly went psycho and attacked the marker, knocked it up under the old TV stand, and spent 5 minutes on her side trying to get it.  Charlie spent the entire time just looking down at her like “Haha, sis, gotcha, dummy!”  (They are brother and sister from same litter).

Star Baby has been her usual standoffish, weird self.  This cat refuses to be picked up for lovings and will meow at you all day (talking…yes, will respond to you when you talk).  YET, she has a major foot fetish!  She LOVES to rub on feet, especially the big toe.  My hubby’s feet are her favorite since he has bigger toes then I do.  She’ll cram her ear down on his big toes so deeply we joke we can feel her brain.  Now, try to scratch that ear with your hand and she’ll run off meowing you out!

Charlie (aka Buns aka Fat-fat)

Charlie (aka Buns aka Fat-fat)

Marble (aka Princess)...Charlie's baby sister from same litter.

Marble (aka Princess)…Charlie’s baby sister from same litter.

Star Baby (aka Little Girl)

Star Baby (aka Little Girl)

I love my fur babies! I’m SO a cat lady…there is no doubt.

I plan to have another post later today on some other topic…possibly coupons because that is what is on my mind right now.

Thank you for reading.  Hope enjoyed the pictures of my furry kids!