Meet Happy Spin Gazette

The Happy Spin Gazette is the brain child of me, Dawn Joswick, aka D.R. Joswick aka D.R. Heff…yes, I got a couple of pen names from over the years. D.R. Heff is the first and still the main one I use.  I decided I wanted some place to put down and share my thoughts on various things, but I didn’t want my blog to be focused on a specific topic. So I hit on the idea of doing a newspaper basically to touch upon several areas of interest to me and hopefully to my readers.

Who am I personally? I am in my third decade in life, happily married to Scott, and mommy to a teenage boy, Jander.  You can call me “Cat Lady” too, if you wish, I have 3 cats…Charlie & Marble (brother & sister from same litter I helped birth) and Star Baby (we got from a local pet shop).  My entire family, pets included, are fantastic and weird (in a good way)…then again many people think their families are odd.

I also happen to be hard of hearing, have been since birth, although it was not discovered until I was 5 years old.  I am going deaf (yes…still loosing it) in both ears.  I do wear hearing aids, but the one for my right ear barely makes a difference any more.  On the plus side I could inherit from my dad’s side of the family going blind in one or both eyes in old age…so I might be a Helen Keller person in my 80’s.  Joy! (I love to make fun of myself).

I have many interests that I will most likely write about in my blog, but be patient with me.  This is first time I have ever really blogged in a serious way. I’m learning the ropes on what will perk up my readers and organizing my articles in proper places.  Some of things I will be writing about as they come to me are couponing, healthy lifestyle, food & recipes, household fun, and maybe my exercises.  There may be other topics in the future, but I don’t want to be broad on my range of topics, otherwise I may lose the interest of my readers and followers.

I do want to state a disclaimer.  I am NOT a doctor, physical trainer, professional food diet person, or any other of professional health expert person.  The posts I make are based on my personal thoughts and opinions, due to personal experience and what research I do.  As for couponing, sales, savings, and budgeting…same thing.  I’m not a CPA or financial help person. I do my savings based on what I personal know for research and experience.

Thank you for reading!

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