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I had… HAD… gone to bed for the day. For any new readers, I work night shift, so I sleep during the day… enforced vampire-ism, you might say.  I couldn’t sleep at first with fat-fat Charlie begging for my hand to scratch his chin and ears.  My hubby finally got up to take a shower and Charlie followed after.  I was beginning to drift off when Scott, my hubby, comes in and tells me to call my dad to come shut off the valve for the water pipes to washing machine.

I jumped out of bed and dashed to laundry room trying to shut the valves off there… that didn’t work and I didn’t know that Scott had already tried.  I then skittered down the basement step to try to shut it off in line to the water heater, but I couldn’t remember which way to turn it.  Of course, I’m still in drift mode for sleep and forgot about the main.  I grabbed my phone while my hubby went and turned the main off.

I called my mom first because I knew my dad would still be sleeping.  He in his late 70’s, retired nuclear plant security guard, and 3 time Vietnam vet, who spent my whole life taking care of what mattered most to him… his family. The man can sleep in late all he wants, he’s more then earned it.  My mom got my dad up and he came down to assess the situation.  This whole time I was feeling horrible for Scott because I know he desperately wanted a shower after his 3 day hunting trip with no shower.

My dad decided on a quick fix of cutting the pipe that had sprung the leak and capping it off for now.  Which means we can’t wash any clothes, but we can use the shower, flush the shitter, and have clean dishes.  It’s no biggie… I can go to my parents to wash or even the laundry mat.  We can still use the drier, so only need about $4 to use the biggest washing machine and then bring home to dry.  The pipe that needs fixing will be taken care of within the next couple of weeks.

Well, I think I’ll check on my hubby’s crock pot dinner, season it up, give him some loves, and then head to bed again.

Today was a complete off day when it comes to eating regular meals.  I awoke to a drizzly, misting spring day with a full sky of grey clouds.  I spent part of the morning just relaxing on my deck with my coffee.  Although drery looking, the day seemed beautiful.  When my hubby (Mr. Beefy) came home from the gym, he and I worked on the cat coop for outside for a few hours, but then my back started to stiffen up since the weather was getting wetter and colder.  I decided to go in the house to rest and he was able to work on the coop at this point on his own.

While I was dickering around the internet I glanced down at my desktop clock and noticed it was getting near supper time.  My silly butt forgot to get a meat out of the freezer to thaw for dinner!  My mind raced trying to think what to do…do I make Hamburger/Tuna Helper dinner? No, not very healthy and we had one 2 nights ago.  Dash to the grocery store with the last 20 bucks on my LINK card (state food assistance card) to get a meat? No…I want that for produce and Mr. Beefy needs more salad bags for his lunches.  Suddenly my brain went “Hey, stupid…what about that pork roast you took out of the freezer 3 days ago?”


I grabbed my glass roaster, plopped in the pork roast, toss on a can of garlic soup dinner starter from Campbell’s.  Opened up one can each of kernel corn, lima beans (yuk! but Mr. Beefy loves them), and sliced carrots.  Into the oven it went at 350 degrees for about an hour.  

I just made up some batter for Bisquick‘s biscuits using Heluva’s French onion dip.  I’m currently cooking it in small batches in my toaster oven. We’ll see how the first batch comes out.  I will probably finish off the batter in the oven shortly.

Welp, I need to go check on dinner.  Mr. Beefy just came in from the garage and announced to me that my “shit’s done”. LOL!  He wants help on finishing up the cat coop…the door needs to go on.