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Sigh. Long, kick myself-do something about it…sigh.

Have you ever had a wake up call for a wake up call that you’ve had before? You know those wake up calls you get about some fact or situation about your life, but for whatever reason you put it on the back burner and forget about it? Then later on down the road you get a wake up call for THAT previous wake up call?

Yeah, well, I got one of those this past week at work. I let it roll around in my head for a few days, told my husband (Scott) about it…which he decided to be a goofball and tease me about it for hours. Ugh. Then tonight, Saturday, March 4, 2017, I’m sitting here listening to music on YouTube, looking at these good looking women, thinking how I wish I looked even half way decent as them. I’m not talking the super skinny women, but the ones with a bit of meat on them, but still toned and in shape like a woman.

What was my wake up-wake up call? I had a customer come in to the not-for-profit resale shop that I work at and conversate with me for a bit. She then asked me, “When are you due?” Sigh… I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat and a bad sloucher. She apologized and told me that I looked really pretty that day. (I had for once, in a rare moment, put on jewelry and touch of lipstick). She then left, but I sat there and mulled this over in my head…for days.

A few years ago at different job I had another woman, a co-worker, as me the SAME question and it was the same response from me. See it…the wake up call to a wake up call?

I NEED to do something about this. I’m just a bad sloucher & carry most of my fat in the front of my belly, butt, and face. I tend to look about 6-7 months pregnant if I’m slouching. It’s even worse when I’m bloated (like I was earlier this week) or been drinking soda-pop and eating too much sugar.

I know I can loose the weight, I’ve done it before, it can be done. I have the knowledge and the skills, it’s just a matter of actually doing something about it.

Like my brother-in-law, Shea, said once to one of his sons “There’s a difference between motivation and determination.” I have the motivation, TONS of it, but I need the determination.

I think we all end up having SEVERAL reconfirmation wake up calls in the course of our lives on various areas in our life. It’s just a matter of if we listen and take steps to rectify the issue. We CAN and are ABLE to do what we need in our lives to improve ourselves and move on to the next chapter.

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